Jezza Hoyle

My athletic background started in high school with basketball, track and field, and cross country. Any aspirations of pursuing sports at a collegiate level were shot down with a back injury my senior year and a life altering prognosis. One trusted doctor told me to get used to a desk job and expect to be using a cane to walk at 30. The next 12 years I proceeded to try and fix myself in the gym using machines and fancy equipment, but all that did was compound my problem. The Summer of 2011 changed my life. I started attending some CrossFit style classes and the rest is history. I became CrossFit certified in November and opened MICF in December. I feel that my past struggles through injuries is the reason I love helping others conquer their perceived limitations and fears. My Degree in BioLife/Medical Sciences (with a minor in fitness training) was supposed to get me ready for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, but it serves me well as a CrossFit Coach. 


Favorite cheat meal: Ice cream snickers 

Least favorite movement: The Jerk

Favorite movement: Double Unders